Single Overnight Stay Rates

Nuitée Refuge de Cougourde (FFCAM) Tarifs 2022
From Saturday 01/01/2022 to Friday 09/30/2022
  Category Type Rates
PUBLIC Individual Adults 25.00 €
Youngs -18 years old
Members of the Dauphine Tourist Society
20.00 €
Children under 18 (with an adult)** 13.75 €
Climbing instructors
hut wardens
12.50 €
Youngs -8 years old 0.00 €
Group* Adults 20.00 €
FFCAM Individual Adults 12.50 €
Under 25 6.25 €
High Mountain Guides
Climbing instructors
Youngs -8 years old
hut wardens
0.00 €
Partner Association Individual All 12.50 €
Youngs -8 years old 0.00 €

Group* : a group is defined from 9 paying users for a night at least and a collective payment.

Partner associations :Discounted prices will only be applied to members of partner associations if they have a valid proof of their membership which shows the stamp on the right.

CAF Supervisors :  Catering in a side-of-the-road building is free only if the volunteer is supervising a CAF activity.

Children under 18 (with an adult)** : From 01/07/09 onwards, a special rate of -45% on the overnight prices for any underage client accompanied by at least one adult is offered in any FFCAM huts in which the hut wardens offer special rates on catering for the same clients.

Tarif en période non gardée : 8 €/nuitée

Restauration Tarifs

The evening meal (fresh vegetable soup, accompanied meat, cheese and dessert) is for 17.5 euros, breakfast for 7 euros, and the picnic for 8.5 euros

Payment by credit card is not possible at the hut (cash and checks accepted)