Randonnée montagne
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Suggested itineraries

ALPINISM: La Cougourde - Les Gaisses - Caïre de l'Agnel
RANDONNEE: GR52 - Besson Lakes - Cherry Pass - Agnel's Top
SKI: The top of the Agnel - top of the Gaisses - Head of ruin - Cayre Cougourde


Caïre de Cougourde

The Caire of Cougourde, well known for its many great routes in climbing, also has a pedestrian access. The route has cairns at the departure of the hut (information to be availed from the manager) ... The itinerary is not always evident, a little aerial, and at the end of the "ascension" it is the Italian side of the mountain. 




Trecolpas Lake

The beautiful lake of Trecolpas is easily accessible from the mountain hut of Cougourde ...

You will be able to bathe, fish, admire the landscape or continue the hike towards other horizons (Pas de Ladres, Cime of the Agnelière, mountain hut of the Madone de Fenestre, ...)





Bessons Lakes

The routes to the Bessons Lakes are numerous and varied (find out more from the manager).

These twin lakes, dominated by many summits, are magnificent and are very wild. The fauna and flora are also abundant ...




Other Hikes


Many summits are accessible from the mountain hut of Cougourde; Among them, Caïre et Agnel peak, Agnelière, Brocan, summit of La Ruine, etc...You can also join the route of the GR 52 or the crossing of the Mercantour ... Cross-border treks are everyone's favorite.





Mountaineering School

Cross-country skiing

All itineraries and summits accessible in summer are also in accessible winter ...




Lake Trecolpas as well as lakes Besson are lakes where it is possible to fish (you must have the fishing license, it is for sale at the tourist office).