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FAQ Reservation



Reserve online

How to change a reservation made online?

How do I cancel my reservation online?

How will my deposit be refunded to me?

I have not received an email confirmation for my reservation

Can I pay the deposit online with a credit card or a prepaid card?

Can I postpone my reservation deposit on another date?

I was not able to make a reservation (s) on the desired date

Can I transfer my reservation to a third party?

Can I contact the managers?

Can I change or cancel my reservation with the managers?

Benefit from a preferential rate for overnight stays.

Join the FFCAM.

Reserve online

Step 1: Choose the date, number of occupamts and confirm 

Step 2: Create a customer account

Step 3: Check your booking, its total price and verify errors if any

Step 4: Accept the terms and conditions

Step 5: Confirmation of booking

Step 6: Make online payment of deposit

Step 7: The receipt will be sent to you by email. 


How do I change my reservation at the hut?

The modifications made within the contract deadlines will be automatically refunded- in proportion - of the deposits to the bank account that was used for booking, minus the administrative costs. The modifications made within the contract deadlines do not lead to reimbursement of the deposits.


How do I cancel my reservation online?

You can cancel your reservation by logging in via your accountCancellations made within the deadlines will be automatically refunded to the bank account that was used for booking,minus the administrative costs. Cancellations made within the deadlines will not be refunded. 


How will my deposit be refunded to me?

If you cancel your order online within the deadlines stipulated in the Conditions of sale, your deposit will be refunded to your account with administrative and bank charges. 


I have not received an email confirmation for my reservation

You probably made a typing error when creating your account. Send an email with your name, the date of your reservation so that we correct your address. You can also verify that the confirmation email is not spammed.

Can I pay the deposit online with a virtual card (e-credit card) or a prepaid card?

Credit cards (one-off payment cards, prepaid cards) are not accepted for online payment of the deposit.

Can I postpone my reservation deposit on another date?

No. You must cancel your reservation and make a new one.


I was not able to get place (s) at the desired date

Many cancellations take place at the last minute, which allows you to recover you deposit. You may try again at that time. 

Can I transfer my booking to a third party?

No, the bookings are pre-registered. The person will be denied access to your deposit account in the amount of his invoice and you will not be entitled to reimbursement.  

Can I contact the managers by phone?

Yes, if you have any questions concerning your trek or your shelter equipment, we recommend that you contact the manager.  

Can I change or cancel my reservation with the managers?

No, the managers will not be able to modify or cancel your order which has been booked online.

Benefit from a preferential rate on overnight stays.

Some users benefit from preferential rates of overnight stays. It is compulsory to bring an identity  ard to benefit from the corresponding rate. Without that, you will be asked to pay the full rate, without any refund. You can benefit from a 50% discount on the overnight stay by joining the FFCAM.

Join the FFCAM.

By joining the FFCAM, you will receive a 50% discount on your overnight stays in all the huts of CLUB ALPIN FRANÇAIS as well as an insurance for your mountaineering activities (subject to the options you have chosen) . JOIN US ONLINE >>>